About Delhi Sports School

Managed by Delhi Sports University

Delhi Sports School is Delhi’s first fully residential school dedicated to sports which aims to facilitate students to achieve the highest level of excellence in their chosen sport and perform at major national and international sporting events. It will be operated and managed by Delhi Sports University. Students will be provided with world class sports infrastructure and training facilities in the 10 identified Olympic Sports. Sporting excellence among students will be nurtured alongside academics through a specialized sports integrated curriculum from grades VI to XII. The assessment of students will be based on their sporting performance along with the academics.

DSS will be affiliated to the Delhi Board of Secondary Education (DBSE) which has been given equivalence to CBSE by Association of Indian Universities (AIU).

Message From The Principal (Delhi Sports School)

Dear Students and Parents,

It is my privilege to come on board of Delhi Sports School (DSS) as its founding Principal.

DSS has been developed by Delhi Sports University with a vision of creating an end-to-end sports ecosystem to integrate Sports with academics and motivate the young sports enthusiasts to develop a career in Sports (Athletics, Archery, Badminton, Boxing, Lawn Tennis, Shooting, Table Tennis, Weightlifting and Wrestling, Swimming).
Parents around the whole country face a difficult decision of letting their children pursue a career in Sports as the existing educational system is not flexible enough to balance sports with academics. However, DSS as Delhi Sports University’s first integrated school for Sports and Academics provides budding athletes with a unique platform to pursue sporting excellence.
This first of its kind co-educational school complex is developed with world class infrastructure and residential facilities, provides in-house training by specialised coaches, facilitates athlete monitoring system to enhance sports performance through scientific means and finally, enable exposure at national as well as international levels.
The opportunities offered at DSS provide nurturance for a well-groomed personality which is actively committed to Sports, Academics, Arts as well as Service. DSS is committed towards transforming young minds into strong, confident, wise men who will lead in the Sports arena in the world tomorrow.
I am excited to embark on this journey with all of you and create a legacy that will inspire generations to come. Let us work together to make Delhi Sports School a beacon of excellence in the field of Sports and Education.

Praveen Kumar Kalra






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